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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Web Royalty - ignoble spam

Here at Penguin Blogs, Inc. we get a fair bit of comment spam. Most of it is automatically blocked by a fairly ingenious filter mechanism, but from time to time unknowns get through such as contentless posts like the following:

Very nice posting. I liked it.
thank you for your great posting.
Well that was a nice post

Purportedly this was written by a "Nick Matyas" of "Web Royalty" - what looks to be a legitimate SEO consultancy (look them up yourself, I'm not giving them the benefit of a link) but who are either using underhanded spamming methods, or have made a bad choice in outsourcing their own SEO.

Whatever, their URL is now on the filter list for this and many other sites, so they won't be troubling us here again.

Posted at 3:45 PM |Comments (1)

I get those comments from him too - when you email via his website to complain about the spam you get this....
Here's the situation: Someone is using our email address and website
posting these comments on blogs around the world. We do not know who
this person is and why they are doing it. We are sorry but we do not
know who they are and how to stop it. If you get these posting, do us a
favor and delete them.

Thank you,

Does he think I'm stupid LOL. Like I'd believe that trash. Every one of these spamers gives exactly the same response....very fishy!
Posted by: Adori Graphics | 2010-01-17 20:57