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Friday, May 6, 2005

Deleting files on digital camera media

A mystery: a SmartMedia card in a camera mounted via USB. Photos deleted (i.e. moved to trash), but no space on the card was released, even though no images were visible on the camera's index. Reformatting the card initially appeared to solve the problem, as it had previously been used in another camera (RIP), but as soon as the next lot of photos was downloaded, yet again no space was released.

Poking about with good old fashioned command line tools (ls -la) revealed a folder named .Trashes (sic) on the SmartMedia card, which was where all the deleted images were hiding. Obvious when you think about it - I hadn't emptied the trash for some time - but beeing a literal-minded person I assumed "deleted" files landed in some central trash folder (the trash icon is on the desktop after all).

Emptying the trash did then of course reclaim all the free space.

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