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Friday, December 10, 2010

XFCE and Xmodmap

OK, this has been driving me crazy for a bit - all I want to do is map the ol' caps lock key to CTRL using my .Xmodmap, but it seems XFCE4 overrides any settings made in .Xmodmap.

Turns out the solution (at least in Xubuntu 10.10 ,"Maverick Meerkat") is to navigate to "Xfce Menu" > "Settings" -> "Keyboard" and to click the "Use system defaults" option:

XFCE4 Keyboard Settings

On a related note, I wonder if this solution still works...

Posted at 1:11 PM |Comments (1)

I was trying for a while to get Xmodmap to load on startup, and at some point between renaming it .xmodmaprc due to some bogus advice and naming it the correct .Xmodmap (it was previously .xmodmap without the capital X, which worked in GNOME), I picked my specific keyboard model from that layout menu.

I suppose it makes sense when you think about it, that all this does is run xmodmap, overwriting your changes. It would make more sense to have this run AFTER your custom one runs though, AMIRIGHT?

Maybe I'll even post a bug report.
Posted by: scragz | 2011-01-10 19:55