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Thursday, April 21, 2005

deflink: Oops, RCR in Initial - Solution?

Not quite sure why, but after running smoothly for a few days the OpenBSD DSL router suddenly started having problems reconnecting after the daily disconnect (it's attached to Deutsche Telekom's T-DSL service, which forces a reconnect after 24 hours). The log filled with messages like this:

Apr 16 10:02:36 akita ppp[18390]: tun0: IPCP:  IPADDR[6] 2xx.x.1xx.x 
Apr 16 10:02:36 akita ppp[18390]: tun0: IPCP: deflink: Oops, RCR in Initial. 
Apr 16 10:02:39 akita ppp[18390]: tun0: IPCP: deflink: RecvConfigReq(12) state =

Killing ppp and manually redialling resulted in an instant reconnection.

The cure is simply to add disable ipv6cp to /etc/ppp/ppp.conf.

Around the time this issue started, T-DSL was having sporadic connection problems, which seem to have been resolved. Whether the two problems are related I'm not sure.

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